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To Illa},r A Compact Disc

Before you begin1 please note: DD NOT use mini-discs that are called singles. They won't eject mm Wm”:

if the disc player is very hot, or if you’re driving on a very rough mad. the disc may some out. orjust not play. if you see Err on the display, the disc player is too hot to

play the disc. As soon as things get back to normal, the disc should play again.

Press PWR to turn the system on.

Insert a disc partway into the slot, label side up, The player will pull it in. Wait a few seconds and the disc should play.

if the disc comes back out. check whether: I The disc is upside clown. I. It is dirty. scratched. or wet.

0 There's too much moisture in the air. [If there is, wait about an hour and try again.)



Press RCL to see what track is playing. Press it again within 5 semnda to see how long the CD has been playing that track.

The track number also appears when you change the volume or when a new track starts to play.


Pressing the COMP button makes soft and load passages ntt‘m: equal in volume.


Pressing RDM means when it is pressed, it will cause the CD to play the tracks back in a random order rather than in the sequential 12.3...ordcr.


Press and hold REV to return rapidly to a favorite passage. Release it to play the passage. Note the uuuntcr reading in the graphic display.


Press and hold FWD [:3 advance quickly within a track. Release it to re3un1e playing. Watch the graphic display to stop at a specific passage.

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