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The control behind the lower knob moves Ihe sound between your front and rear speakers.


It tells you the time. When the ignition is off+ push RC]. to display the time.

Seek 4| or In-

Pressing the Seek *I or F- button will cause the receiver to seek the next lower or higher station and stop.


When you press SCAN, the radio will go to the next station. pause and keep doing that until you press SCAN

again or the reoeiver has scanned twice around the hand.

Push buttons

The pushbunons let you return to favorite stations. You

can set the pushbuttons for up to ten stations [5 AM and 5 FM}.

I Tune in the desired station.

I Press the SET pushbutton. {SET appears in the displays]I

i Within 5 seconds. push one of the five pushhuttons. Whenever you press that button. the preset station will return.

Clock To set the clock: «I Flees the SET pushbutton.

e Mdiin 5 seconds, press and hold SCAN until the correct hour appears on the display.

I Press and hold SEEK {or} until the correct minute appears on ll‘lE: display.

Adjust The Tone

Use the levers next to the display to set the bass. rnidmnge. and treble until you get the sound you Ward. The 60 and 250 levers adjust the bass. lK is midrange. 15K and [UK control the treble.

We suggest you start with the uenter lever UK} in the midpoint position, then move the others Lip or down until you get the amount oi" bass and treble you like.


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