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To reverse the tape, press 1 and the tape will reverse rapidly unlil you press the STOP-EEC? button lightly.


To go from one side of the tape to the other, press. the RECALL {RCL} knob.


To remove the tape or stop the tape and ehange to radio, press the STUP-EJEC'I' button.

:t:.'.I= --L=‘.1 [in M1. 'l:.lH can r.r:-r


:- - .. 4 A _ .,.. .u 34....


To Play This Radio

Power Press lht: PWR button to turn the radio on or off.

The Upper Knob The upper ltnoh does these things:

I It controls the volume._'['lte volume knob increases and decreases volume when it is held slightly rotated against the spring load.

0 it allows you to mute the radio or compact disc player. Preas to mute; press again to listen. During MUTE. onl}l volume up will work.


The control behind the upper knoh allows you to balance the sound between the right and left speakers.

The Lower Knob

Turn the lower knob In lune radio stations. The tune knob increases and decreases station frtttt:|t.|ent:3r when it

is held flightly rotated against the spring load, Turn the knob tu- mor: slowly. If you hnld the lune knot: in the tune position. it will lune rapidly. Push BAND to get AM or FM.

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