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To F'Inj,r This Radio

The Upper Knol}

The upper knob does these things: I

132 ——

[t turns the radio on. it controls the volume.

It tells you the time. [When the ignilion is off. push the RC1. knob to display Ihe tlrne.t

It allows you to hear the other side ofu tape. tPress FROG—REL knob while a cassette is playing:


The EAL control behind the opp-or knob allows; you to balance the sound between the right nnd left speakers.

"TheI lower Knob

Turn the lower knot:- to tune radio stations. Push it to get AM or FM.


The control behind the lower knob moves the sound bCIWmn your front and rear speakers.


Pressing the seek button will cause the receiver to seek the tie KI higher station and stop.


When you press see It. the radio wiii go to the ne ttt station. noose. and iteep scanning until you press seen

again. Push buttons

The pusltbuttuns let you return tn iuuurile swlions. You can set IItL’ oushhultons for on Io fourteen stations II? AM and 7 FM).

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