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The four pushbuttons let you return to favorite stations. You can set the pushbuttons for up to fourteen stations [T AM and 'r" FM}.

0 Tune in the desired station.

| Press the SET pushbutton. t SET appears in the display}

0 Within 5 seconds, push one of the four pushbuttons to store a station. Whenever you press that button. the preset station will return.

Three additional stations may be preset on each hand by pressing two adjoining buttons at the same time.

0 Tune in the desired station.

I Press the SET pushbutton. {SET appears in the display.)

0 Within 5 seconds. push any two adjoining pushhultons at the same time. (The station will return when the same two buttons are pressed again.)

Clock To set the clock: I Press the SET button.

0 Within 5 seconds press and hold. SCAN until the correct hour appears on the display.

I Press and hold SEEK until the eorreet minute appears on the display. Treble

Slide the treble leyer up to increase the treble response. If the station is weait or noisy. slide the treble lever clown to red see the noise.


Slide the bass lever up to increase the bass response. Adjust the bass letter to give a pleasing sound to your Bfll'.


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