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To Play,r This Radio

The Upper Knob The upper knob does these things:

0 It turns the radio on. t It controls the volume.

0 It tells you the time. tWhen the ignition is off. push the recall knob to display the Lime.)


Hala nee

The EAL control behind the upper knob allows you to balance the sound belween the right and Iefi speakers.

The Lower Knob

Turn the lower knob to tune radio slulinns. Push it to get AM or FM.


The cunlrol behind the lower knob moves the sound between your front and rear speakers.


Pressing the sock button will cause the receiver [a seek the next higher suiliun and strap.

Soar: When you press scan. the radio will go lo lht: nexl

stalion and pause and keep scanning until you press: scan again. Scan appears in the display.

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