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Air Conditioner {Dptioni

The air conditioner cools the air coming into your vehicle. The air conditioner works best when the windows are closed. Do a very hot day. you might want to open the windows to let the hottest air out.


This setting provides maximum cooling with the least amount of work. MAX reeirculates the air inside your vehicle, and cools the air quickly. Adj net the temperature control to a cold setting.


This setting will circulate cooled fresh sir through the Vents.

B! L (Bl-Level]

Bi-level can he used with the air conditioning and works as described on the previous page.


Audio Systems

Your Delcom’ audio system has been designed to operate easily.r and give years of listening pleasure. You will get the most enjoyment out of your system if you acquaint yourself with it first. Find out what your Deleo® system can do and how to operate all its controls. to he sure you're getting [he most out of the advanced engineering that went into it.

FM Stereo

FM stereo will give you the best sound. FM signals will reach onlyr about ID to 41‘] miles [IE to 65 iil'lt}. And, tall buildings or hills can interfere with FM signals. causing. the sound to eorne and go.

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