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Bi'L {Bi-level}

This setting allows the outside air to flow through your Buick in two ways. Cooler air is directed to die upper portion of your body through the vent outlets. Slightly warmer air is directed through the heater ducts and defroster outlets.


Using yenl will allow outside air to flow through the instrument panel outlets.


This setting sends roost of the air through the heater duets. Adjust the temperature control to a warm setting. If you have the engine coolant heater. you can use it in cold weather BETH—3°C or loweri to heat your vehicle‘s passenger area quicker. The engine coolant heater wantos the engine coolant which will. ultimately wsm'l the passenger area more effi oiently. {See “Engine Coolant Heme r" in the Index]I


This setting divides the air flow equally between the heater and the defroster outlets.

Windshield Hefner

This setting operates the defroster. Most of the air comes out near the windshield. Use defrost when you get fog or ice on the windshield.

Rear Window Del'ugger l0 ptiorll

The lines you see on the rear window warm the

glass. Press the button to start warming your

window. Pressing the huunn again will shut it off.

If you turn on the rear defogger while driving at or above 45 mph {TE kn‘u’hi, it will stay on as long as that speed is maintained. You must ore-3:. the button to shut it

off. If you drive below 45 mph for more than ll]I minutes the rear defogger will automatically shut off.


Scraping the inside at your rear window could

cut and damage the healer. Your warranty would not cover this damage. Don't put decals there: you might have to scrape them oft.


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