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Thar: are three ways Ihis light can come on briefly. which is normal and docsn'l show a problem. They are:

1. A1: :1 hull: choc lo the light comes on when you Euro your key to “Run“ and goes off when 1113 engine is smrtod. If it doesn‘t. he sure to have it fixed an H will be There to warn you.

2. ll” you‘re "idling“ at a stop Sign the light may blink on and then ofl'.

3. if you make .1 hard slop, th: lighi may calm“ on for a moment.

Bur. when :his comes on and stays on. it means; nil isn'l going lhrnugh your angina properly. You could be low on oil. or you might have .sorno ulher oil pmhlorn.

Engine Dil Prossure Gage (Option)

This gage tells you if there could he il problem wilh your engine oil pronsurc.

if lhr: gagu reader in tho rod band. and sluys lllert. it means. oil isn't going through your engine prupurly. You could be low on oil or you might have xnmi: nLhur nil problem.


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