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Malfunction Indicator Lamp [Service Engine Soon Light}

A computer monitors operation of your Fuel. ignition and emission control systems. This light

SERVICE should come on when the ENGINE ignition is on. but the engine is not running. as e SUDN check to Show you it is working.

lfil dues nuLcon'tc on at all, have it fixed right away. If il stays on. or it comes on while you are driving. the computer is indicating that you have a. problem. You should take your vehicle in for service soon.


It you hoop clrlying your vehicle with this Ilght on. filter a while the omission oonlrols won‘t work as

1well. your fuel economy won? he as good and your onglno may not run as smoothly. Thle could load to costly repairs not covered by your warranty.

Engine Oil Pressure Light

“if: UIL

This light tells you if there could he a pmhletn with your engine oil pressure.


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