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Engine Coolant Temperature Gage have been operaling your vehicle under normal driving conditions, you should pull offlhe road. stop your

vehicle and turn oil the engine as soon as possible.

The chapter “Problems on the Road." in this manual explains what to do. Also see “Engine Overheating" in the Index.

Low Coolant Warning Light

Il‘lhin lighl cornea-i on and stays on. Ihe vehicle should prompll)r be pulled off The Tfll'id and the coolant level

checked. See “Engine LDW Coolant" in the Index. If This gage shows Ihe engine coolant Iernneroture. lithe COULANT there are visible signs- of gage pointer moves into the led urea. your engine is me 5583111 SEE "'5“ng hot! Overheating" in the Index

, _ . _ before opening the hand. That reading means iln: Home [lung as Llic warning llghl.

It means than your engine enoliinl, has overlmuiod. if you


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