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Engine Coolant Temperature Warning Light

This light tells you that your engine coolant has overheated or your radiator cooling fan is not working. [I you have been operating TEMP your vehicle under normal

driving conditions. you H should pull off the road. stop your vehicle and turn

If the anti-loci: brake system warning light stays on “as the engine as soon as longer than nonnal after you've started your engine, turn Pmfiiblfi-

the ignition off. Or. if the light comes on and stays on

when you're driving. stop as soon as possible and turn

the ignition off. Then start the engine again to reset the The chapter "Problems on the Road." in this manual

system. lithe light sLiIi stays on. or comes on again i . hall :1 . See "En _ O heelin H . the while you‘re driving, your Buick needs service. If the $11“ w G D glue ver 3 11"

'light is on but not flashing and the regular brake system warning light isn't on. you still have brakes, but you don’t have anti—lock brakes.


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