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Here are four eoueeme some owners have had ehoul the fuel gage. All these situations are normal and indicate nothing two-rig with the feel gage.

I At the gas station. the gas pump shuts off before the gage reeds "F".

I It takes more {or less} get; to fill up than the gage indicated. For example. the gage may have indicated if! full. but it took mere—or less— than half of the tank‘s enmity to fill iL

I The gage my move when you turn a corner, speed up. or stop your vehicle.

I When you turn the engine ofii the gage doesn‘t go all the we}! back to "E”.

Brake System Warning Light

Your Buiek's hydraulic brake system is divided into two parts, ll’tme pan isn't

BRA KE working. the other pad can still work and stop you. For

good braking. L'lmugh1 you mm need both pins working


if the warning light comes on. there could be a brake problem. Have your brake 53mm inspected tight away.

This light should DOME on its you start the vehicle. lfil doesn't come on then. have it fixed so it will be ready to want you if there‘s a problem.


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