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Speedometer and Odometer

Yuur speedometer lets you see your speed in both miles per hour [mph] and kilometers; per hour (kmfh). Your odometer 511an hnw far your vehicle has been driven in ejlher miles (used in the 1.5.5.}01“ kifbmeten [Dried in Canada].

Your Buick has :1 bumper—resistant odometer." If you can see very noticeable bright silver lines bemeen Lhe numbers, probably snrnenne has; tried In lurn it back. The numbers may n01 be true.

You may wonder what happens if“ an. ear has to have :1 new odometer inelalled. If possibie. lI'H: nee.r one has to be set Lb Ihe same reading lhe old one had. If it can't be, lhcn it‘s set al zern, bu: a label an the driver's door musl show Ihe uld reading and when the new one was inslalled.


"flip anmeter

A trip Ddbmeler can Ieil you how many miles ybu have driven since you last set it In zen}. 'l'b resel it, push the buuun.


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