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Cenvex Outside Mirror Convenience Net (Option) Your right side mirror is convex.

A can vex miner‘s; surface is curved so we can see more from the driver‘s beat.

Your vehicle may have a convenience net. You‘ll see il

Visur Vanity Mirmr (Omit-n} just inside the back wall nf'll'te trunk. Put small Mada-i,

"file lighted visor vanity mirror ligth up when [he like grocery bags. behind the ”CL II can help keep lI'Icrn mirror covcr i5 "'3‘:an Clming the mirror cover “mm from falling (hirer during sharp turns {1r quick starts and oil' 1].“: lights. atom. The net Isn't tar larger, heavier hauls. Slnre them

in the trunk as Far forward as you can. You can unhmk the net an that iI wili lie flat when ynu‘re nul using 'II.


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