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Courtesy,r Lights

When any door is opened. several lights go on. They make it ens}r for you to enter and leave the out. You can siso turn these lights on by rotating the interior light control to MAX.

The rear compartment lamp is also activated when the doors are opened. the deck lid is opened or when the interior light centre! is rotated to MAX.

Interior Lights Delay

When you pull the handle of either from door upon entering your vehicle. IJ‘te intenor lights will go on. These lights will fade off automatically afier about 40 seconds. or when the ignition is turned on. The interior lights wiil also come on when you press the DOOR or UNLOCK button of your Remote Keyless Enu-y transmitter. When you remove the key from the ignition the interior lights will come on for about 15 seconds.

As you leave your vehicle and if the ignition has been off for less than two minutes. pull the handle of either float door. and the interior lights will go on for a few seconds to provide you with an illuminated exit.



Inside Mirror

When you are sitting in s eomtortable driving position. adj us! me mirror so you can see clearly behind your ear.

Moving the day-night adjustment at the bottom of the mirror allow: you to Change the mirror to atroid giant

from the lights behind you.

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