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Battery Rundown Protection

Your Eniolt is equipped with a Batteryr Rundown Protection feature designed to protect your vehicle‘s battery.

When any interior light (trunk, reading. footwell. vanity mirronor glove box} is left on and the ignition is turned OFF. the Battery Rundown Protection system will automatically mm the fight off after 2t! minutes. This

will avoid draining the battery. This system does not protect against leaving on the headlights.

To reaeti 'mate the interior lights, either: I The ignition must be turned on.

O The activated light switch must be tun-mad off then on. DR

0 A front door must be opened.

The Battery Rundown Protection feature will also be activated when any door is left open.

if your vehiele is in ft with the ignition off for over 24 days:+ the battery power to the clock, audio system and Remote Keyless Entry System (if you have this option] will [Ltrtt oil to reduce battery drain, When the ignition is turned on again, battery power will be resuppiied. Under these conditions it will be necessary to reset clock and audio system settings.


Headlight “0n" Warning

[f the light switch is left on you‘ll hear a warning chime when you turn the ignition off and open the driver's door.

Daytime Running Lights (Canada Only}

The Canadian Federal Government has decided that “Daytime Running Lights" {DEL} are a useful Feature1 in that DRL can make your vehicle more visible to pedestrians and other drivers during daylight hours. DEL are required on new vehicles sold in Calmda.

Your URL work with a light sensor on top of the instrtunent panel. Don't cover it up.

The high and low beam headlights will come on at tedueed brightness in daylight when:

0 The ignition is on. I The headlight switch is off. and

O The shift lever is shifted out of “P" (Park) or “N" (Neutraii.

At dusk. the exterior lights and headlights will enme- on automatically. At dawn. the exterior lights will go out and the high and low beams will change to the reduced brightness of URL again {if the headlight switch is oI‘Fl. Of course. you may still turn on the headlights any time you need to.

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