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To Resume a Set Speed

Suppooe you set you: Cruise Control at a desired speed and then you apply the brake. This. of course. shuts off the Cruise Conunl. But you don’t need to reset it, Once you‘re going about 25 mph {40 lcmfh} or more. you can move the Cruise Control switch from “UN" to “RESMCC” [Resumeffitceeleratel for about half a second. You'll go right back up to your chosen speed and stay there.

Remember. if you hold the switch at “RESJ'ACC” [Resumei’Aeeelerstei longer than half a second, the 1ueliiele will keep going faster until you release the switch or apply the brake. You could be startled and

even lose come]. So Unless you want to go faster. don't hold the switch at “RESMCC.”

To Increase Speed While Using Cruise Control

Thete are two ways to go to a higher speed. Here's the first:

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