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3. If it doesn‘t start within In seconds. push the NOTICE: accelerator pedal till the way to the floor. while you hold the ignition key in "Start." When the engine Starla-i, let go of the key and let up on the accelerator

mooring.Ityouoo1 you could damage the . m [H d M .. . transmission Shitt to “P“ {Park} only when your fittiildudiajrfing-ygfiugéem we“ Brit-h "l “3

yehlole Ia stopped.

Don't try to shift to "P'" [Park] If your Butch lo

When starting your engine in very cold weather {below 0°13 or 43°C}. do this:

I. ‘With your foot off the accelerator pedat, turn the

It! start your 5.? Liter LT! engine;

'- Without Pushing the accelerator Mali “W the ignition key in "Son" and hold it there. When the Ignltion key to‘:Sta.11_"Whe_n the engine starts. let go engine starts. let go of the 5:335 Us: the accolerator of L!“ kc)" Thfi “HE speed “'"l 39 down 35 your pedal to maintain engine speed. it' you have to. until “3"“? gels warm. your engine hoe run for a while.

2. II“ your engine still won‘t start (01- startii but then NOTICE: stops). 'it could be flooded with too much gasoline.

.. Try pushing your accelerator pedal all the way to the ”WW ”I“ W l“ 5'3” "1" ”WWW" ‘5 floor and holding. it there as you hold the key in

seconds at a time will cause your battery to be u .. i If Th ,. . . drain ad much sooner. And the a too heat Start for about three secondo. e oer more.

b 'efl butthen ato 5e 'nidoth - fl1' ,hur can damage your starter motor. n y p gin t m: mg

this time keep the pedal down for fit“: or six seconds. This clears the extra gasoline from the engine.


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