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There are several ways to Incl: and unlock ynur vehicle:


From [ha outside: Use your door key.

From Ihe inside: To lock me dmr, mow: Ila: lack cunlml down.

To unlock 11hr: dour. lTan: the Incl: control up.

Puwer Door Lacks

Push flu: power dour lock switch to lock or unlock all the doors at once.

Programmable Automatic Door Locks [flptiun]

Jl' yuu ham: aulumaiii: door locks. closa your doors, mm on Ih: ignition and mm: your shifi lcvcr out of "P" (Park). All [he doors will luck. If snmannc needs Lu gill nu! while ynu‘re in a drive Flimitivm'l1 haw: Lhal pursun L15: I113 manual LIT power luck. If you ham you: foul on “It: brake. the dnnrfsj will lack automatically.

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