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Shifi Intramu- _, ETSI {magmatic}


mungh mom arc-mid the which. [1 should be parked on 1 Incl smfacc.

. Firmly apply the parking hub: (9::

"Parking Bake" in Tln: Influx If necessary}.

NOTE: HI: manly to apply llII'.‘ rugulfir brake ilnlnll:ilittlkzl].r if 1h: vchiclc begins to move.

.With ll'll: :ngine 131T. turn “I: 1:th the "RUN" position. but don't start tlu: :nginc. Without applying thc rug-ulnr bruit. try Iu mm': ill: shin lemu- uut of "P” {Park}wi.1h normal effort. lftlm shift lever IIICIWS out of “P" [Park]. your vcluclc's BT31 MDdS MICE.


Steering Column Wlfilc purkutl. and with the parking Luck brats: ant. by tuturn Ih: kc}; it: "LDCK' in each shift luvnr pusilion.

I The key should turn to “LOCK" only when thc shin law is in "P" {Park}.

I T11: key should came cut wily in “LOCK.”


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