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Cleaning the Inside of Your Buick

U se e we cuurn cleaner often to get rid of dust and loose dirt. ‘Wipe ttiny] or leather with a clean. damp cloth.

Your Buick dealer has two GM cleaners1 a solvent-type spot lifter and a foam-type powdered cleaner. They will clean normal spots and stains very welt. Do not use them on vinyl or leather.

Here are some cleaning tips:

I Always read the instructions. on the cleaner label.

It Clean up stains as soon as you can -- before they set.

0 Use it clean cloth or sponge. and change to a clean area often. A soft brush may be used if stains are stubborn.

I Use solvent-type cleaners in a WEN-ventilated area

only. If you use thern.t1on‘t saturate the stained area.

I if a ring forms after spot cleaning. clean the entire area immediately or it will set.


Using Foam-Type Cleaner on Fabric

Vacuum and brush the area to rem owe any loose dirL

Always clean a whole trim panel or section. Mask surrounding trim along stitch or welt lines.

Mix Mum-Purpose Powdered Cleaner Following the directions on the container label.

Use suds only and apply with a clean sponge. Don't saturate the material. Don't rub it roughly.

As soon as you've Cleaned the section, use a sponge to remove the nude.

Rinse the section with a clean. wet sponge.

Wipe off what‘s left with a slightly damp paper towel 'or cloth.

Then dry it. immediately with a blow dryer or a heat lamp.


Be careful wlth n helr dryer or heat lamp. You could scorch the fabric.

Wipe 1with a clean cloth.

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