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Windshield Washer Fluid To Add


I When uslng concentrated washer fluid, follow the nunuteeturer's instructions tor adding water.

Don't ml: water with ready-truss washer tluld. Water can cause the solution to freeze and damage your washer fluid tank and other parts or the washer system. Also,

water doesn't clean as well as washer tluld. Fill your washer fluid tank only 3M full when tt's 1.a'ery cold. This allows [or expansion. whlsh could damage the tank it it is completely full.

Don't use radlator enlifreeze in your windshleld washer. It can damage your 1washer system and paint

The windshield washer reserve" is located at the left of the engine sumparlrncul.

Open the cap labeled "WASHER FLUID ONLY." Add we sher fluid until Ihe bottle ls Full.


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