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If You’re Stuck: In Sand, Mud, lee er


““1151 you don"t want In do when you: vehicle is stuck in awaswwgl Bl firmdfl youyaglllfifflarh in spin your wheels. The meme-cl known as uHacking" m M Mill! ahlfl'lng I,” trananflsaiun bank can help you get nut When you‘fl: stuck, bu: you must and w you can dummy wur “mink”, use caution. '

Rocking your vehicle to get it out:

First. tum your steering wheel lefi and right. That. will clear the area around your frmfl wheels. Then shill back and fen]: between “R" [Re-Verse) and a l'nrwafl'l gear. spinning the wheels as mu: as possible. Release the accelerator pedal While you shift. and press ligl'lllf,r on the accelerator pedal when the transmission is in gear. If 1113: doesn't get you out after a few mes‘ yen may need tube mwpdnm. Hyeu do need In betnwed out, see "I‘ewmg Yum Car” in {he index.-

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