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Include an ice scraper. a small brush or broom. :1 supply of windshield washer fluid. at reg. some winter outer ciollting. a small shovel. a flashlight. a red cloth, and a couple of reflective warning triangles. Find. if you will be driving under severe oondititi-ns, include :1 small bag of Sand, :1 piece of old carpet or u couple of burlap begs to he [p provide traction. Be sure you properly secure mess: items in your vehicle.


Driving on Snow or Ice

Most of the time, those places where your tires meet the mud probably have gmd traction.

However, if there is snow or ice between your tires and the reed. you can have u very slippery situation. You'll haves lot less traction or “grip“ and will need to be very careful.

What's the worst time for this'.‘ "Wet ice." l.fel‘y cold snow or ice can be slick and hard to drive on. But wet ioe can he even more trouble because it may offer the lotst traction of all. You can gel “wet ice" Wl'IEl'l it's about freezing (32°F; {PC} and freezing rain begins to fell. Try to evoid driving on wet ice until 5th and sand crews can get there.

Whatever the condition -- smooth ice. packed. blowing or loose snow -— drive with caution, Aooelerate gently. Try not In break the fragile traclion. [f you accelerate too fast. the drive wheels will spin and polish the surface under the tires even more.

Your anti-lock brakes improve your abilily to make it hard stop on a slippery road. Even though you have the anti-lock braking system. you’ll want to be gin stopping sooner than you would on dry pavement. Sec “Ami—lock“ in the index.

0 Allow greater following distance on any slippery med.

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