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Automatic Mirror [flption]

Your Buick may have an automatic inside mirror.

The automatic mirror adjusts for the glare of headlights behind you. [t detects changes in light. and then adjusts for (lag.r or night operation.

During the tie},r the mirror reflects all the light from behind your ear. At night, when the glare is too high. it changes to the night mode. Then. it. reflects oniy part of the light from behind you. When the mirror changes to the night mode. it holds that position until glare is no

Ion gei- present,

Automatict'fll‘f Switch

There is an automatic and an off position. When the button on the bottom of the mirror is pressed up and has a green halo, the mirror is on automatic. Press again to turn off.

Time Delay

The mirror delays before changing from the night to the day position. This tit-lag,r prevents rapid changing of the mirror as you drive under lights and “trough traffic,

Reverse Gear Day Mode

The reverse mode is another ‘unportant feature of the automatic mirror. When the shift letter is placed in "R" {Reverse}1 the mirror shifts to the clay mode. This gives you a bright image in the mirror as you. back up.

Front Reading Lights

There are [WEI reading lights located on the rearview mirror. Push the switch eiosest to the light to turn it on or off.

Cleaning Photoeeils

Use a cotton swab and glass cleaner to clean the two photocells that malte the mirror work.


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