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Automatic Transaxle


It Is dangerous in get out of your vehicle ii the shill lever is not fully in "P" {Park} with lhe parting brake firmly eel. Vour vehicle can roll.

Dun'l leave your vehicle when lhe anglrru is running unless you have to. II y‘all hill-Ill lull thn

engine runnlng. the vehicle can move suddenly. ‘l'nu or enters could he Injured. To be sure your vehicle wen‘l move. even when you're on lalrly level ground. always eel your perlrlng brain and move the shill lavur to ”P" {Park}.

San "Shilling lnlu "P" merit)" in the Index. ll you'ru pulling a irallar, m “Tnvvlng a Trailer" In the Index.

There an: xuvurail different pflfiltlflllh fI'Ir yuur xii-I Fl lEvur.

'- P {Parki ' R {Reverse} This incin- yuur front wheels. 11's the best position In “55 "1"“ Emir I” back “P- usc when you slim yr'rur engine hecauee ynur vuhiclu

um'l mil-r: cireily. NOTICE:

Shilling to “Fl" {Reverse} vrhile your vehicle is

moving lanyard could damage your Iransalla. Shill Io “Fl" only after your vehicle is stopped.

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