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Remote Keyless Ent r3; System {Option}

CAUTION: {Continued}

(:0. It can cause uncensiousn-ess and even death.

If you must drive with the trunlt lid open or it electteol wiring or other cohet connections must pass through the seal between the body and the trunk lid:

0 Matte sure all windows are shut.

I Turn the fan on your heating or cooling system to its highest speed with the setting an VENT. That IIIIIIII tome outside air Into your vehicle. See “Comfort Controls" in the Index.

I If you have air vents on or under the Instrument panel, open them all the way.

See "Engine Exhaust” In the Index.

1t your Buick lite-i this option. you L'IJII itJt'It utttl uttiuCl-L tuur doors Lit ttttitmit jmur IrIJEIII'. II'UJII up [u 3i! I'L'L't I9 rni nutty Lh'IIIfJ the key L'ltttltt ll'fllIHJIIIIIEr hupplltd with your \L'fl'teJt'.

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