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Replacing Safety Belts After :1 Crash I1" you‘ve had a era 5h. do you need he w hells?

Mrer a rerg.r minor mliixinn. nothing ma}- he neeeaaau'y. Bul iflhe belts were Hrelehed. uh Illey WUUIIJ be if warn during a more terms crash. Then ynu neecl new huh.

[I' bells. are cut or dunmged. replace lhern. Cnllieinn damage film may mean yflu will need [U have Hill-ct}: hell or sent parts repaired ur replaced. New parts and repairs may be necessary even if lhe belt wasn't being used ul the time (rl'the enllisjnn


Q: What‘s; wrung with lhis'.’

A: The hell is. Inrn.

Turn ur Frayed helh ma;- nul prnlem gnu in :1 crash. The}; L'lll'L rip upur1 under impact forces. “3'! hL'II ix mm n-r frayed. gel 3 new one 11'ng awn}:

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