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You can he 535401:st hurt it your shoulder halt la tau lam In a crash you would move forward Inn much, which mould Increase Injury. The shoulder halt should fil agulnst your body.

The tap part of the belt xhou1d be worn low and snug on the hips. just touching the thighs. In a crash. this applieli force to the strong pelvic bones. nod you‘d he lea:- likely ll! slide.- Lll'lllLT the: lap hell. IF you ‘illLl under ll. ll'I-c bell would apply fence at your abdomen. This could muse hfil'ifluh or even I'auat injuries. The shoulder l'H:l|. xllflllkl go over the shoulder and across- the chest. Theo: puns :31' Ihe hold}- are he.“ ahle Io lake hell restrmoing forces.

The safety hell looks- it there: :1 Wilden atop or :1 small. I To unlnlrh the hE'll.jtJ."sl push the button on the buckle.

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