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Roadside Assistance

Buick Mtittir Divisiun is proud to LtiTer Buick Rtmdside Assistance to customers for vehicles covered under the new car warranty during the 36 menthflt‘ilm mile [whichever crimes firsti.

Our commitment to Buick owners has always included superiur service thmugh uur network at 3.000 Buick dealers. Buick Roadside Assistance provides an extra measure at ccnvenience and security providing once again that Buick is "The Nest Symbol for {Jualit},r in America."

Buick Raadside Assistance:

Provides owners with access tu minnr repairs or [during fur disabled vehicles.

Takes the anxiety out of uncertain situations by providing ea sy access to service pref-es sicnals trained

to work with Buick ewriers. 14-hcura day. 365 days a year. including weekends and holidays.

For details- of Buick Reads-Me Assistance. please consult [rcur Buick Roadside Assistance carrier henldet included with your owner '5 manual. Fer needed assistance. call the Buick Readsitte Assislance trill-free hntiine: l-SDO—Zfl- l I 12.

Canada Rnadside Assistance

Vehicles purchased in Canada have an extensive Rasdsidc Assistance pmgrarn accessible frt'tt'n anywhere in Canada or the United States. Please refer tn the separate brochure provided by the dealer or call 1-300-268-6800 for emergency services.


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