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CHECK HR was --- SERVICE; 1 ”“1 1m

Underbody Al luusl every spring. Us: plain winlcr In Flushing. I'lush 2m}- L‘nrrnsiw rlmlcrluls I'mrn Ihc unlicrbndy. Tulu' can: to clean Illnruuglll} :Iny aIrL-ns thn: mud and l1llII=T dshris curl cullcul

Section (3: Periodic Maintenance Inspections

Listcd below are inspectinns and services wlm‘h should bc perfumed :JI leasl mice a year 1 For inflame. cuuh spring and full}. You should let 1mm GM dealer's service depurtmem or mhtr quali tied srrvice cenlcr do Il‘tese jabs. Nlillit sun: any necessary repairs are camplelcd ail Una;


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1\lnur LIIHI then. ”lulu: Hurt-1H ynur belts“ buckles. |I11cl1 plums. rclrnclurs. unclmnlgcs and rcnnnclrr systems an: nan'rng properly. Lam-Is. for any lonrse purrs ur dunnigc. 11' {um see nltylhing rlnn migl'n kuupn rt-sn'uin! syslcm from Llulllg llsjfl-hs. inn-c iI rclmirml

lllspeul 1hL' from and Tcur suslwmiun and Meeting system for damaged. Ions: or missing parts. signs or wen]. u: Incl: nl' luhr‘it‘utinn. Inspect 1hr: power slewing IirIu-i and lwscs for proper Inmkula. himling. lmks. L'Tucks. L'hallng. em. Cieunnnd Ilwn inspcul the IJris'r: ash: hm: seals lnr danmgu. Icurs nr Irnkugc. Rrphuc .1L"L’ll.‘a il' IlC'CEEii‘ii-Jl'}',

Slucring. Suspcnsiun tInLl anI-thul- Drive Ash: Emil and Seal [nspucliun

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