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At Least (June a Month


Tire Inflation Chet]: tin: inflation. Make hlll‘c Urey are inflated lo the pressures specified on the

TI rue-Loading Information label loomed

on the rearedgeafrhe driver'sdoor. See "'I‘ires" in the Index for further details.

Clean cassette deck. Cleaning should he done ever)- 15 hours of tape play. See'fiudio Systems" in the Index for further details.

Cassette Deck

At Least Once a Year CHECK OR SERVICE WHA I' TO DO Key Lock Lubricare Ihe Ire} lock cylinders Wllh Cylinders the lubricant specified In Section D

Body Lubrication Lubricate all bod}I door hinges. Also lubricate all hinges and hitches. including those for the hood. glove hm; door and console door. Section D tells you whel to use.


Starter Switch

I. Before you start. he sure you have enough room around the vehicle.

2. Fin-Iii}.I apply iJUIl'I the parking brake {see "Parking Brake" 'In the Index if necessary) and the regular brake. NOTE: Do not use the accelerator pedal. and be ready :0 lurn oFf the engine immediately If H starts.

3. Try to start the engine in each gear. The starter should work onlyr in "P“ Work} or “N" {Ne utnIIIJI. [Fthe starter

works in any other position. your

vehicle needs service.


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