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“Section I}: Recumrncntlcti Fluids and Lubricants" liala some prod Llclfi GM reenm men-:35 to help keep yuur vehicle pniperly maintained. Thdhfl prnduels. or their cquivalcntx. xhnuld be Used whether :i't‘JIJ do the work yourself (it have it dnne.

“Section E: Maintenance Recnrd” provider. it place liar you in record the mainlcnancc pcrfurmcd on year vehicle. Whenever any mainlenancc is pcrinnncd. be sure In write it clown in thia- section. This will help ynu dele nnine when your next maintenance should be done. In addition. i1 is a gun-d idea In keep ynur maintenance receipts. The}- may he needed In qualify ynur vehicle l'nr warranly repairs.


Section A: Scheduled Maintenance Services

Using Your Maintenance Schedule

This HEL'lil‘Jil'l tells ynu Ihc maintenance affi’lt‘flfi you alnmlcl have tlnnc and when yen should ‘i-L'llELlUl'E them. Your Buick dealer ltnnws: 3;qu vehicle heat and wants you In be happy with 1|. Iii-nu go it: your dealer for your hen-ice needs. yml'll know that Elm-trained and supported xcl'i’ice people will perform Ihc work using genuine GM parts.

Tin-5L- scheduler, are for vehicles; that:

I carry pttfifitligtrh and cargo within recnmmendcd lilf‘lilh. You will find Ihese limits on your vehicle‘s 'J'ire—Luading Information label. See “handing Your Vehicle" in [he Index.

3 art: dl'WE'I'l Elli Feasonahle mad surfaces within legal driving lllitllh.

I use Iltc recumrncntlctl unleaded l'llel. See "FIJEl" in the Index.

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