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Cleaning Leather

Use at mt] cloth with lukewarm water und 3 mild mup {tr Hafldll: map.

I Fl'lr aluhhnrn stuinh. um: .1 mill] hulunun ul' llJ'r’r imprnpyl allcnhni [ruhhing uluul‘lnl: and llll‘Lt'r mattr.

e Nrucr uxt‘: cult, x-urmsl'mea, sult‘cnt-hused or uhm-zivc L‘lcunurs. I'umiturl: p-Llllfih ur sltuc pulinlt un ltutllcr.

O Snjled leather .thuld be cleaned jmntediululy. II'Llirt is allowed In work mm finixh. it can harm the Iculhrn

Cleaning the Tup ul’the Instrument Panel

LIHC only mlld map uml wetter to clean the- mp Huflutfl'fi ill the instrument pnnL'l. fipruyt cunluinmg Hillmncs lJT waxes may mum: unnnying mlluminns in 11m windshield and even make II difficult In use lltrnugh Ihv: windshield unnlcr cerlmn L'I‘Il‘ltlllltflllH.

Care of Safety Belts

K1111 h-L'lls l.‘ll:lil'l and til}:


Do not bleach a.- dye safety belts. It you do. it

mailI seall'erelgllI weaken them. In a crash they mlght not be able to provlda adequate pruteellan. Clean safety belts only wlth mild soap and lukewarm water.


Glilhh hl'ltEIIJlLI. bu:- cleaneul nl'len. GM Cpl-.155 Cletll'lfll' {GM Purl NJ. HEN-127'! ur u liquiIJ IllJLhfll'lUJIJ glam: clcuncr will rumm'c normal luhuucn nmukc and dust I-IJITIh.

Don‘t um: :Jl'I-rumvl: clcuncrh' 0n glufig hccuusc the} may (nus-:0 .HC'l'lllL'l'lL‘h. Alt-mid placing dually. un tln: inside rum" wintlnw. time they may have In he hCTflpEll all later. If 51hrznit-I: clmutern urr: mm! on the mm]: of the rear windnw. an electric tlel'ugger element mu}- he Lhnunged. Aug.- lempmm'y lit-cum:- mould not be attached :Icrnss 1hr: debugger grid.


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