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Lise solvent-type cleanera In a well-ventilated area uniy. li‘yeu use Ihem. don't saturate the hItlil'IEEJ urea.

Ifii ring forms after 5pm cleaning. claim the entire urea immediately nr il 1.ti'ill eel,

L'sing Foam-Type Cleaner an F abrie

Vacuum and bruHh [hL‘ urea in remm'e tiny loose din.

Alway-i clean is whale trim panel {'ir Heminn. Musk. surrounding trim ultmg Htilch (I! well lines,

Mix Mulli-Purpme Powdered Cleaner iflllflwing the directions nit the mnluiner lube].

Uiie t-iudh uni} ulld uppiy with it clean spnnge. Don't saturate the material. Don‘t ruh il roughly.

A2.- suun :LH you've cleaned the hCCliLil'l. us“: it sponge to remove the suds.

Rim-GE Ihe section 1with -.t elezm. wet sponge. Wipe ui't' whui‘r. left with u \-.|igl'il|1.r clamp paper luwel ur cloth.

TI'Iii31liiilr1i-I ti intmeriiutcij' will-t a hltiw dryer ur a he“: Lump.


Be careful with a hair dryer or heat lamp. You could search the iahrie.

I Wipe wilh u t'letin t'lntl‘i.

Using Solvent-'I‘ype Cleaner on Fabric

Fim. Her if'yttu have Ln use ranti'eni-iype eieitner at all. Sume spins and \lzlil'lub 1will clean riff better withjuett water :itid mi lti HL‘Iilp.

If you need in Lise u mlvenl:

I Genlly wrap»: excess xuil [turn the trim material Wilh ti eletin. tiuil knil'c nr scraper. lee lie-1'}- little cleaner. iighl prcsa'ui'i: ttnt'l eleun L'iuiilh (preferably eheesecluth |. Cleumng :ihnuid start at the t'lili‘iidt‘ ol' the stain. “feathering" rrm-‘ttt'd the eenler. Ktep Changing in .‘1 clean .‘it‘L‘lifll‘l of the elolh.

I When [mil Eleni: ti ~[uin i'rttm fabric. immediately dry The area mlh iIII ttir I'LUHL'. hairdryer. rI-r hettl lump in help prevail a flaming ring. {See the previnuti NOTICE. l


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