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Inflation - Tire Pressure

The Tire—Loading lnl'urrnutiun label which i~nntl1e Lied-t Itti shows. the correct inflation prexsurfl. liar your tires, when

Ihey‘l'e reld. "Cold" meunu your vehicle ha: been xitting I'm at leusl three ilLIILlrh ur driven rm there than a mile.


flen’t let anyone tell you that underi ntlatien er uverinflatian is atl right. It’s not. If your tires don‘t have enough air {underintlatian} you can get:

I Tee much flexing Ton much heat

a I Tire overloading o I

Bad wear Bad handling 0 Bad tual economy. If your tires ham tau much air {everlnflatiun}, you can get: 0 Unusual wear

I Bad handling 0 Rough ride.- 0 Needless damage 1mm read hazards.

When tn Check

Check _'\-'l‘||Jr lirex one»: u munll: ur rnn-rc.

Dun‘l thrget gmur compact spare tire. I! should be at I50 P‘il L-iE'il kPu}.

How to Cheek

Use it guud quality [mullet—type gage to cheek tire prawn; Simply luoking at the IiI'E'H. will nut tell you [he presume. especially i1'1.-'nu have rudial tires -- which may look properly Inflated even It'they're underinfluted.

El' yuur [Il'fl'h have L-ul'rt: tripe. be ‘illl‘f in put them banal. LII|_'iilf}'|'l.t.'i'|.‘l[_1rr3'l-'Eil'lliL'tli'LN by keeping Uu'l dirt and IllLllhllthf.


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