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E. Remure the electrical 4. Install the electrical connector with slotted gmmres

cunnecmr m1 l‘mm the [award 10 [he {warn of vehicle. bulb hy raising the luck _ mh : B) and pulling me Talllarnp Bulb Replacement

mnneclor down and away from the buib'x plastic has: (Cl.

Remove the plaslic nuts that secure the trunk trim over the taillights urea.

2. Press and turn the plume base {C} a lid [urn counterclockwise and remove frum the metal retaining rirutJr {El by gently puHing hack and away from the lieadlighl.

3. Install the new bulb by inserting the smallest tab ID] lucated an Inn nf Ihe plastic hasc inln Ihe corresponding nntch in lllt: metal retaining ring, [EL Turn IE4 Ium clockwise until il Maps. The small plastic tub $.11ou1] he at [he top of [he mew] ring.

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