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Automatic Transaxie Fluid When In Check and Change

it good time In check ynur :iuln|ml1i:,- lrzlmaxle fluid


Operating the engine IIvlriti'l the air cleaner erfl m mmormmhhmefl.meairclmer ._ , .- . _ .. _ . . nul only clean: lite air. It stops flame ii the level lh lM1511 111a enyne I:hi lh LIIEH'IgE'L-i. Reina-.1 1:: 1h; engine back-um, H it isn't there and line engine Maintenance Schedule In Llemrmme when in change hackfiree. you enuitl h humedrflun't m With your Iilliti. See "Sciicdulud Mamicnulltc SETVIE‘ES" III N UH. and be mini waiting on the engine with “he Ind”-

ti1eeir cleaner off. How to Check

Became lhis. (iperuiinn can hr :1 liltic Llil'i'iuult. yuu mil}r chnnse tn have 1hiH [int-H: :L1 .1 Buick tiE'rlit‘ThhiP Service

NOTICE' Department. _ ' il'ynu tin ii ynurtuelf. he eure to fellow u“ Ihe " the at! BIBBI‘IQY BPHI a bechfire can ‘3‘”59 '9 instructinnl-i hure, 0r yin-u unuld gel .1 liaise reading [in the damaging englne me. And. dirt can easily get dipxlicic.

into your engine. which will damage it. “were have the air cleaner In place when you're driving;


Tee much or lee little fluid can damage your traneexle. Tun much can mean that enme- nf the fluid could come out and fall on Ital engine parts

or exhaust suslem. siarflng a fire. He sure to get an accurate reading if you check yum lrnnsaxie fluid.


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