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A CAUTION: Anahctrlutanmdar mahoodoanaiaflup man

man the engine Is not running and can him-a mJiuaphandamlothinuandto-uhamflum any undarhmd ahctrln Ian.

11' mo coolant inside the coolant recover}- tank is boiling.

don‘t do anything the unti! it cools down.

Thl: cull-lam iL‘VCl xhould hr: at or above the “COLD" mark. If it inn'l. you may have :1 leak in 111:: radiator hoses, heme: hoses. radiator. waIET pump or mm twhcrr also in the cooling 33:91an

[:3 sauna":

mmhmhflbm’thunhflmmflwu “anneal-mam.-

Dnn'tnmlhaamflfiurahihlkflwunm mmnmm-ulmmmuu mmmMIflm-Hflflhw anmmwmmmmm


Engina damage I'rum running your engine wllhnut coolant lan'l covered by your warranty.

[I'Iherc seems to ho no teak. check to see if IhE elem-1c angina fan is running. [fine engine is overhealing. the fan shfluld be running. If il isn'l. your vehicie needs service.


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