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Towing Your Car

'1'r_-,- Ie have a GM dealer 4.): u professional towing. service Iuw yum" Buick. The usual lowing equipment :lh' n slingrtype [A] or it wheel-lift EB] :Ir carcurr'reHCl Euw lruL‘L.

Il‘ynur vehicle has been changed nr rnndified RinL‘E it was factory-new by adding afrennarket items. like fog Lamps. aem ekirling. at special tires and WIIEElH.1]I€hE instrumiuns and illustrdliens may nul be mil-reel.

Before you do anylhing. turn on the hazard warning flashers.

When you-:41”. tell II'H: towing service:

0 That ynur vehicle has from-wheel drive.

0 The mall-Le. model. and year efyeur vehicle. I Whether you L‘ujl elill move the shift lever. 0 Il' llltrfi'WHfi an accident. what wars damaged.

Wlleu the mining service Ell'rl'v't'h. It: [he luv; upemlur knew Illul this. manual tunmins demiled [LI-wing inslruttiuns um] illuslmliunn'. The Operator may wunl 10 see them.


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