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4. Open the hfltlt'lH and Intel: thl: haunt-ms.

Find ”if panama t+t tllid negative [-1 terminals on each hunter}:

Yuur Buick ha» u remme positive t+1jump starting terminal. The [ermlnal ill on the Hume side 01' the engine compartment .15 _yu|.1r hallury. Yu-u shuuld always use the remote ptihiljl-‘L‘ I' + 5 terminal instead ni'lhl: punitive [+1 tunn'tnul Lll'l yt‘iur tmlttl'}; Tu uncover thq: runmtc pot-titty: I.+] terminal. till the red plilhtlt‘ cup.


Using a match near a battery can cause battery

gas to explode, People have been hurt dulnu this. and some have been blinded. Llae a

flashlight If you me more llght.

Be sure the battery has enough water. Ynu dun’t need to add water to the Delta: Freedurng battery

installed In every new Glut yuhlcle. But it a battery has filler nape, he sure the right amount at fluid is here. If it Ia low, add water to take care at that first. It you don't, explosive gas eauld be present.

Battery fluid ountaina acid that can hum you. Don't get It an ynu. it you accidentally get it In your eye-s or on your skln. flush the plane wllh water and not medic-m help tmmadlamly.

. Chrtk that "IL-jumper Cttl‘IICh dtni't hut'c JLitrht‘: L'II

missing insululiun. If they do. you could get t1 w'hotk. Thu: vehicles could b-L‘ dunmgud. tuu.


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