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Coasting downhill in “H" (Hana-an or with lha Ignition off is dangerous. Your brakes Iitiilll have

in do all the work of slowing down. They muld get at: hot that theyr wouldn‘t work well. ‘rnru

could crash. Always have your angina running and your which in gnar when you go dawnhill.

I Knuw how 11: go uphill. You may want in shift down In il iower gear. Th: iuwcr gears; hail) L‘L'HJI your en gin? and [rant-axle. and you can climh Ii'l'L‘ hill thriller.

Sm}- jn guttr awn lime when driving an twu-Ianu made. in hills or nwuntains. Dun'l swing with or cut across [he center of the marl. Drive at Lpucds lhal let you May in your own. lane.

i'ts 30:1 gn raver Ihe mp ni'u hill. br.‘ alur‘t. Then: could be anmathing in your ianc. likt: a alulitd car ar an accident.

You may 5:: highway bignfi on mountains: That warn of special prohlenn. Examples are Inn},r grades. pafising 01' net-Imaging Il‘JI'lEfi'. :! Failing rocks area. (11' winding mails. Be :11an In than: and Iain: apprt‘ipriaie action.


Winter Driving

Here an: norm: tips 113:" winter driving:

a Haw: yuur Buick in good shape for winter. Ba sun: your engine coola m mix it cnrrecl.

I You may want In put winter cmergcncy supplies in yltur lrunk.

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