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1You can be temporarily blinded by approaching lights. I: can take a sleet-ind or two. or even several secondb. for your eyes to readjust lo the dark. When you are I'aeed with severe glare (as; From u driver who doesn't lower the high beanie. or it. vehicle with misairned heatllightxl. slow down a little. Avoid staring directly lnED Ilte approaching lights.

Keep your windshield and all the glans on your vehicle eleun -- int-side and nut. Glare at night is made mueh worse by din on the glass. Even the inside oflhe glue.- ean build up a film caused by dual. Dirt} glatve maker: lights dazzle and llahll more lhan clean glass Wtiuld. making the pupils til your C} CH euntraet repeatedly.

Remember that ytiur headlights light up far less. til'a roadway when you are in il mm or curve. Keep your eyes moving; that way. it‘s easier to pick out dimly lighted nhjeets. Just ill-l ytiur headlights should be checked regularly for proper uirn. .vo should youreyex be examined regularly. Sci-me driven. duller from night blindness. -- the irizt‘oililztr to see in dim light -— rim-l aren'l even aware of it.

Driving in the Rain

Rain and Iwet roads Ctll'l. mean driving Irouhle. On a 1nil-'el road you can '1 atop. accelerate or turn .-i~ well iterative your tire-Io—mud traeuon inn‘: an good or. on thy roads. And. if your urev don‘t have much tread lel't. you'll get even less IraL'tinn. it's always wise 1d g0 nlt’twer ttlttl he eaulioui-i il' rain Hlfll’lh‘ in Full while }'(.'IU are drl'ving. 'l'lte surl'aee may get wet suddenly when your rel'lexea are tuned for driving on dry pavement.


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