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GIT-Road Recovery

You may find some-lime 111m your right wheelx haw: dropped 111F111: edge m‘a road onto Ihe uhnuldar while you're driving.

li'lhe lm-L-L nl' the shoulder '11: only shgluiy bciow 1h: pavement. recover}.- shnuld he Fairly 11:11.1... E1151: 1111' tin: acceiemmr and then. if there is naming in the way. steer m “1:11 :mur which: straddles- the edge. fit‘li'le [JilVCanL You can turn the Sieering when] up :11 U4 tum unnl [I]: right [mm lire contacts Ihr: pavement edge. ThL‘n turn your 51.1.1111 wIIcL-I In gnu slruighl alnwn Ihi: mum-1:13.



f |.|:rr Lanna]


m- ul unn Hi‘ntll


'i'hr driver of :1 vehicle klthli In pal-It. anniher on 1'1 luau-lam: highway waiIs t'nrjurii the right "mint-1n. uCEEiEI‘aIEH. mares amund the vehicle ahead. then guru buck inln lhr: righl lam: again. A. ample maneuver?

N111 netflaszn'iiy! 13:151.ng another vehicle an '1 two—Fan: highway is 1.1 pnleniiully 13111131511111: min-mt. since Eht: passing vehicle occupies the 1111m- I11 111: :11. uncumillg Irni'tiu I'm 111:». E'I'lli veranda. A Iniwculculuiinn. 1111 CITE” in judgmunl or :1 bricl' hUI‘I'tndtl 111 I'Iumuliun or anger curl suddenly pul the puxsing driwcf IuCt‘ In line Willi the unrxi 1:11 ul] 1min: accidenlx —- Ihr: huud- url L'Uiiih'iflil.

31'- herc are Hum-3 1ips.‘ far passing:

I "L)rix'*.I|1e;1d."LLI-ol-; down Ihe mud. In the siLhzs. and 111 Ennxmudh' 1111 snuuunm that magi“ affect )0111' gnawing patterns. II' 1:111: him: any Linuhl whulmtx tr dbnm making-.1 auccenaiul p.151. u-.1i1 1m .1 heitertin'le.

I WulL‘il r'm'irnt'i'iu' Higl'lh. rim-11mm“ markings. and linck. [l' :mu C111] 2.13: 1141311 up ahead that might indirulu :1 Iurn L'Ir .'1n inlL'I'HIL-ctit‘I-I'I. thlaly' yum [Jaw-I. A hrflken centcr lint ua‘uulij.‘ indiuutea il‘xull riglll Iopil-ihiprm'iliingiilc mud ahcuni ix clcurl. Nevar L'Tlflh‘i- u miid linc rm your Hidc 111' me 1111111- mu double 51’!in Iiur. even ifThe round 52cm}. Empty of approaching traffic.


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