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Your Buick um perform yer}- wtlJ in emergencies Iiln: "ICSL‘. First apply your brakes. Il i5 hEIIE‘r In remm'e in. much upcccl ah yuu can from a pmxihlc culluinn. Tin-n NICK" around ll‘LL‘: pi'ohlmn. In IhL' Eul'l ur righl depending on [he FIJEIL'L‘ uvuiluhlc.

An emergency like this requires close ullenlion and a quick decision. Ifyou are holding the net-ring whedl a: Ihe rccumumndcd U und. 3 “thick pmninns, 3m: can turn ll u. I'ulJ Hill degrees very quickly 1.m'ill'lnul run-liming L‘jll‘lL‘r hunLI. Bu: 31m have In an fast. \IEE!’ quickly, and jI-JMI a" quickly utmigiuen Ihe wheel once you have wujded the ohjert.

'I'he [ital that such tmcrgcncy silumjrzrnr. an: always; pushjble is a gum]: rcnsun In practice dufcnsivc driving :11 all 1i1lle~ and wear hal'cly bcitx pm-pcrly.

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