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Care ei' Yeur Compact Discs

Ha ndle Elise»; carefully. Stnre them in their original eases: ur ether pruleciive {11565 and away frnrn direct sunlight and dust. If the suriiiee 01" a die: is soiled. dampen ii elem set'l elem in .1 mini. neutral derergem seluiien and clean il. wiping from the center in the edge.

Be sure never In much the signal surface when handling disea. Pick up dim. by grasping the euler edge-:- e:' Ihe edge {it‘lhe [mic and We uuler edge.

Fixed Mast Antenna

The fixed mue: antenna can witherami men-1 cur Washes withoul being deranged. If [he mu?“ Hhuuld ewer become slightly bent. you earn .xlreighten 1'! mil hy hand. IF1he mast is; badly.r hem. es; il mighl he by vandals-i. yelu nhuuid replace il.

Cheek every zinc: in a while in be sure the meal is nliil tighlened m Ihe Fender.

IFneccm-iery, lighten lhe entenmi wi'lil yuur hand unlil snug and then use :1 wrench In lighten ii ennther EILL ul' :1 mm.


Fewer Antenna Mast Care

Ynur newer antenna will look its been and war}: well if 11'». cleaned from lime In time.

To Clean the Antenna M351:

I. Turn en the ignition and India to raise lhe antenna In full ITuiH'l extensim.

2. De mpen :1 clean elelh wilh mineral xpirilh' Dr equivele m solvent.

3. Wipe elnlh [WEI the mast sectiImS. removing any din.

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