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Equalizer The EQUA i .IZER enables you in udjust live mapui'u'le sound frequencies In yuur individual mete.

Slide un EQUAIJZER cunlrnl up In L‘ITII'JIhiiHlYL' :1 frequency. drawn to LIE-Elilpllflhize it. 113; best to begin with all. the L'flrllmlri in the initldle piiHilinn. then 3111qu each control an you like.


Prew FWD to iitlvzliiee the lame rapidly. Freer. ugaiin to play the Input. iTl‘lL‘ milieu plays wlti Ie ll tape is udvuncingJ


Preaa REV in t‘fi'li'trht' the tape I‘llpltll}. Prim: again If} phi}- the Iupe. iThu: Iuiliu plays-i while .1 tune it; rewintiingJ


To bflill‘fill 1'qu the ne itt aeleuliun ml the tape. preh'h SEEK

ilien prey: either FWD or REV. 1-‘nr ilil: SEEK IL: strip.

lliere must be :11 letisl '.I Laecund gup between Heleutiuna

en the tape.


Press: FROG tn change Ihe sirie til the tape being played. 1When the j. is lit. Ihe btltfllimlh listed on the hip side of the turn: are played. When Ihe 1' is, lit. selections iisled on [he bottom side [if Ilie tape are played. When the end Ufa turn: is reached. the nlher Side will then play.

DU Dolby

Press DU to remove unwanted noise tin tapes. 'L'rt'lg

When playing high bias chrome or metal Iiipes. press 002. This huitmi eel: tape team. When playing Sililh‘l-tll‘d lilpfih. [men's again.

E jed

I’m-5:; EJCT in eject the cast-tutti: Iupt: I'rni'n the Iupt: plug-er.


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