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AM Stereo

This means the Delco‘El system can receive C-QUAM® stereo hnmdoasts. Man},r AM stations around the ununtry use C—QUAMW to produce stereo. though some do nol. [C—QUAME is a registered trademark of Motorola. tool If your DeloolE' system can get covers? your ”STEREO" light will come on when you‘re receiving ii.

Be aware thal hearing damage I'mm loud noise is almost undetectable until it is too late. Your hearing can adapt to higher volumes of sound. Sound Ihal scams normal can be loud and harmful to your hearing. Take precautions by adjusting the volume conlrol on your radio to a safe sound level hefrJrc your hearing adapts to it.

To help avoid hearing loss or damage:

o Adjust the volume control to the lowest selling.

0 Increase volume slowly until you hear comfortably and clearly.


Before you add any sound equipment to your vehicle -- litre a tape player. (:3 radio, mobile telephone or two-way radio -- be sure you oan add 'what you want. If you our:1 It's very Important to do it properly. Added sound equipment may interfere with the operation at 1loin vehicle's

engine. Demo‘s” radio or other systems. and even damage them. And. your IirehirJe‘e systems may

interfere with the operation oi sound equipment

that has been added improperly.

So, before adding eound equipment, eheoI-r with your dealer and be sure to check Federal rules covering mobile radio and telephone unite.

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