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The air conditioner compressor operates- in all .I‘t ir Ctintlititming pns'itiuns. and the Belfast pesiiion when the outside temperature is. abuse 4t1°F {45°C}.


Fur mild uu15idr: Iernperulurcst, when ilttle healing tar cooling is needed. press the 1iJENT huunn. Air will Him- through the instrument panel outlets. Use the tilt outlets. to [urn tin, udjusl and turn till the air this». Adjust 1lte TEMP letter In control the temperature.


When outside lempemtures are cold. press the hulttm marked HTR and slide The TEMP lever Inward HUT it: send healed air Thrnugh 1he flnnr nutle1s.


When your windshield is foggy. press the DFFUG button llfl ttireet must of the air flew tuwalrti the windshield. When. it‘s 50°Ft lil'Tt or gum. 1he system will prm'itle cooled. Hit.


When in; Hr ice is; [in If“: Windshield. this setting directs- the maximum air flow tt‘rts'ard [he Windshield.


|ll|||||l||||||l| HUT

{'Jpcr‘ate Ihr: «ya-Hem in tintither setting for 3” Het'oittls heinre puxhing Ihis l'ILJllt'In.Tl1l.\ will tithe niuisl illl' Ii.‘ILIl nf the system In :It‘nid lugging tJl'lhc st'lndsiticltl. When i1 '.-. 5F!" t 30° Ci tir warmer the system will [JI'OVlLlE' emied :tir.


When the sy‘s1eni is nt'l'. the s'entilutitrlt $}'!~ll.:lll will allow air to flow through ynur Buick when the vehicle is nmving.

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